Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chiropractic Care for the Military

I had the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. in the early 1990's to see chiropractic begin its journey for inclusion in the military health care system. There is a history of chiropractors serving there country in non-official manners in the military as far back as WWII. During the first Gulf War I knew a Chiropractor who was a Major in the Air Force reserves. His military duties were as a trauma nurse and when soldiers found out that he was a Chiropractor in civilian life they swamped him for requests for chiropractic care. He was so busy he had to move out of his officers tent because treated patients there was interfering with the other officers sleep. He had a chiropractic table built and was set up in the Moral-Welfare tent. This doctor made the soldiers sign in name, rank, and serial number. He keep this list and he was seeing 20-40 people after duty hours. The military health care system could no longer ignore that Chiropractic was an important part of the system during war time. We currently have civilian Chiropractors stationed at military bases around the country and now chiropractic care is available to VA beneficiaries. Our last hurdle with the military health care system is to get chiropractic care available for the dependents and retires. This can be accomplished by having your local Congressperson co-sponsor H.R. 484 here is a link to email your member of Congress about this important issue.

I think it is time for our Government to do the right thing and help these families and retires out.