Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I was asked to comment on what I thought about Nationalized Health Care in the United States. Well my thought is that it is coming whether we like it or not. When? I do not know but it is moving in that direction. I believe that once big business gets behind a Nationalized Healthcare system it will become a reality. Big business wants to know if they can save money by buying into some type of a government plan or their current health insurance plan. The insurance companies on the other hand are still making a good chunk of money in the health insurance arena and they will fight hard to keep those profits. I hate what we currently have it is so inefficient and cumbersome that I am amazed that it has not come crashing down upon us already. It is just a terrible system. You never hear of insurance companies going belly up because they are still making gobs of money. They raise premiums and lower doctors fees and make a killing. I think it is close to like being in the mafia. Medicare on the other hand is a pain to deal with but we know what we are dealing with so it is not as bad as private insurance. I cringe when I think of the government taking over healthcare but our options’ are very limited right now. Also you hear of very few senior citizens complaining that they have Medicare. Sometimes I think the insurance companies realize that we are going to be socialized medicine and they are trying to squeeze every penny out of the system that they can before the government takes over. The current system is a complete mess. Today my practice is mostly a cash practice since the major insurance company in the area has chosen not to cover cost effective chiropractic care (there is alot of politics involved in these decisions). They would rather pay $30,000 for a lower back disc surgery than inexpensive chiropractic care. Maybe that is why we are in the shape we are in right now?