Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Preventative Health

I have been reading a lot about how we can improve our health with preventative measures. Eating right, exercising, and stopping smoking. I agree with all of this except the Government talked about this for Medicare patients. I believe, while it will help, it is too late to begin preventative medicine when you become 65 years old. I believe that it should start much earlier. I have found out that people in their 30-40 who need to make these changes, are not interested in making these changes. The older patients of mine have health issues where they are developing serious health problems, yet in many cases it is too late to make needed changes. Do you know that in the U.S. most people will exercise not to become healthier but to look better. Health is not a real priority.

So how do we become healthier people? There are three things everyone can do very easily to improve their health. I think the first thing we can do is turn off the TV or computer for awhile. These both have a way of “numbing “the mind. How many times have you been on a computer and never realized how much time you were there? I look at it as being brainless entertainment, we do not have to think or do anything while the TV or computer entertains us. We can also get off our butts and walk for about 20 minutes each evening after it cools off. Getting the heart pumping a little faster will give you more energy and help to burn more calories. After a month of walking I can guarantee that you will be feeling better. Make sure you have good supportive shoes. And last try drinking more water instead of cokes, tea, or coffee. You will actually fill up on water and there are zero calories.

Now these ideas are nothing new, they are not flashy, I could not do an infomercial on TV and expect to make lots of money on these recommendations. But these are good, easy, inexpensive recommendations that will help you become a healthy you. I challenge you to try it.